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The compass of our strategy as an investment manager is sustainable, long-term value for the benefit of our stakeholders. Pillarstone believes that ESG is an essential element of the value creation process and can contribute to the profitability, resilience and risk mitigation of the portfolio under management. Our model is based on the belief that there is an organic relationship between sustainability and the long-term financial value of an investment, and that moving toward the full integration of ESG criteria is an essential element of a diligent, sound and prudent investment process. Pillarstone became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment .

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Alternative Investment


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Engineering S.p.A.

Established in 2019, Fi.Nav. is a closed-end, multi-compartment italian alternative investment fund (AIF) reserved to professional investors.

The aggregate assets of Fi.Nav. consist of, inter alia, shipping properties (in particular, dry bulk and liquid bulk vessels) and unlikely-to-pay receivables originated by leading Italian banks towards 9 shipping and maritime companies.

Established in 2020, Responsible & Sustainable Corporate Turnaround Fund (RSCT) is a closed-end multi-compartment italian alternative investment fund (AIF) reserved to professional investors.

The assets of RSCT consist of equity and unlikely-to-pay receivables originated by leading Italian banking groups vis-à-vis 18 companies operating in a broad range of industries (e.g., retail, consumer and industrial goods, manufacturing, IT services & infrastructure, logistics and leisure).

Bluwater is the owner of Acquaworld: an indoor and outdoor water park of about 35.000 m2 located in Concorezzo (MB).

Opened in 2011, the Park offers countless rides and experiences among which water slides, wellness areas, wave pool, bar and restaurants.

Established in 2020, CSM Italy is result of joint venture transaction with Columbia Shipmanagement Limited, a global firm with more than 40 years of experience as world-class ship management and maritime management provider within the shipping and maritime industry.

CSM Italy currently provides technical and operational management services to more than 30 vessels.

Magicland is the owner of the largest amusement park in the Central-Southern part of Italy.

Opened in 2011, and strategically located between Rome and Naples, the park exploits a 600.000 m2 area and offers several rides and experiences including the largest planetarium in Europe, 38 rides, 5 stores and 14 dining options.

Established in 1907, Premuda is a long-standing and recognized brand in the global shipping and vessel chartering industry for both liquid and dry bulk.

It currently operates a fleet of more than 30 vessels.

Established in Milan in 1921 by Vittorio Tedeschi and Piero Pirelli (under the name of Società Italiana Reti Telefoniche Interurbane), Sirti was involved in the realization of the first Italian long-distance call network from the very beginning.

Over the years, Sirti has expanded its activity into the high-speed, renewable energy, systems integration, infrastructure and IT security sectors.

Wellcomm Engineering operates as system integrator in the IT and telecommunication sector since 1994.

With a deep knowledge of the technologies and the market, Wellcomm provides analyses, projects and solutions to clients in respect to their network infrastructures with a focus on security, networking, consulting and communication needs.